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About Us

Mount-N-Repair is proud to present a taste of what’s in store...

Imagine yourself walking to your next destination, and in the store front window, you catch a glimpse of your reflection and immediately feel good… wouldn’t you love to have your jewelry send a message of appeal and sophistication?

Mount-N-Repair was established in 1989. We are a family owned business and our goal from the start has always and will always be about customer service. To not only satisfy the hearts of our customers but to educate them in their exquisite purchases. We pride ourselves in the ever changing world of silver jewelry. We cherish our relationships with each individual customer and treat them as family. We invite you to come in and experience "Mount-N-Repair"

With the largest inventory of silver jewelry and related items in Metro Detroit, Mount-N-Repair is proud to present just a taste of what’s in store. Please stop in to see vast collections of jewelry for you to browse. You will be happy you did!